My shattered thoughts Mingled with lines Donned in colours Scattered over canvas This is what haven’t been said This is what words cannot express Yet nobody can decipher The language of lines Attired in hues Telling the stories of heart That mind cannot fathom Solving the enigma of lines Are the eyes of a beholder […]


Words unspoken Feelings not shared But yet nothing is abstruse In a deep ocean Every drop is clear Translucent in every dimension The emitting effulgence Dazzling your eyes Removing opaqueness From every corner Creating ostensible vision In a veil of coldness What is this? An enormous iceberg Of silence Unbroken Yet! Broken An enormous iceberg […]

A letter to my friends

Dear friends, Hope you are doing well and enjoying the beauty of sunshine in this cold winter. I haven’t been visiting your wonderful sites as am busy with my studies. I won’t be able to read your uplifting posts for 1.5 months. Hopefully shall visit you and learn something from your writings whenever I get […]

Quaid Day❤

25 December the day of Father Of The Nation, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ❤❤ ملت کا پاسباں ہے محمد علی جناح ملت ہے جسم، جاں ہے محمد علی جناح صد شکر پھر ہے گرمِ سفر اپنا کارواں اور میرِ کارواں ہے، محمد علی جناح بیدار مغز، ناظم اسلامیانِ ہند ہے کون؟ بے گُماں […]


What is history? Who writes history? Why do people add their hatred comes out from their vindictive hearts in writing history? What do we love to read; the one that is not true but a pie in the sky to please seething creatures or the one that is true but not acceptable for timid minds? […]