Switzerland of Pakistan(Swat).

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Kallam Valley Looking for a cool escape in this harsh weather? Well, pack your bags and head towards Kalam Valley that is not only relatively colder but extremely beautiful and serene as well – giving you a refreshing break from a monotonous routine. Situated in the upper reaches of Swat Valley,…

What I am Sick Of???

After waiting two hours he is lying on the sofa, staring roof ceiling, knuckling fingers and the horses of scattered thinking moving to and fro. Psychologist jotting down his condition. He asks him to tell what he feels and what could be the possibility of getting sad? “Discussion is the only way to get rid […]

3,2,1 Quote Me Challenge: Empowerment

I’m so honoured for being nominated for this challenge. A wonderful blogger Julie remembered me for this nomination. Thanks a million, Julie for nominating me. 🥰🥰🥰 Her content is full of positivity and inspiration. I learn something worth every time I visit her blog. She’s a wonderful woman with an amiable personality. Do visit her […]

When God Feeds Me

Once upon a time, a saint refuses to eat anything and demands that he would only eat when God feeds me himself. In this apprehensive situation, villagers gather and make him understand to not to demand like that, but he doesn’t pay ear to their advice and climbs over a tree. People get worried about […]