Something Very Special

It’s a second time when I’ve been given a special award. This time bySalman Wani. I don’t have words to thank him enough. He is facing the most crucial chapter of his life. My prayers and blessings are with him and his valley Kashmir. From the valley of martyrs From the land of believers His […]

Mystery Blogger Award 2

Indebted to Sir Steve who nominated me for a mystery blogger award. He loves spreading happiness and he is not alone in his mission happiness, his most beloved pal is always stand by him whose name is Muffin. She helps him writing worth reading posts. Want to get some happiness for yourself, then visit his […]

Two sides

I don’t understand when there is a day full of light and energy then why we have the darkness of night?? If there hadn’t been the day we wouldn’t have had night. Day and night are different in function, but they are a reflection of each other. If we didn’t have the darkness of night, […]

Beware of Them!

They live among us. They listen to us and tell their stories too. Shake hands like friends. Embrace us in the time of need. Solace us when finding us shattered. They eat with us. We have a cup of tea together. They know our ups and downs. We follow their advice and believe in them…… […]

ابھی تو چلنا سیکھ رہا ہوں

بابا آہستہ چلیے گا آپ کے پیچھے پیچھے میں ہوں یہ بھی یاد ذرا رکھیئے گا ابھی تو چلنا سیکھ رہا ہوں آپ کے پیروں کے جو نشاں ہیں انہی پہ اپنے پیر رکھوں گا آپ کا دامن ہی تھاموں گا چلتے چلتے اگر گروں گا بابا آہستہ چلیے گا آپ کے پیچھے پیچھے میں […]

Liebster Award 5

Am so grateful to Jyoti for nominating me. She is a young girl full of life who loves spreading her shine to add positivity in this tiny globe. Visit her site to get some rays of her shine. 11 facts about Saba: 1: Am not a foodie. 2: I eat words. 3: Am terribly bad […]

خورشیدِ محشر کی لو۔۔۔

آج کے دن نہ پوچھو، مرے دوستو دور کتنے ہیں خوشیاں منانے کے دن کھُل کے ہنسنے کے دن، گیت گانے کے دن پیار کرنے کے دن، دل لگانے کے دن آج کے دن نہ پوچھو، مرے دوستو زخم کتنے ابھی بختِ بسمل میں ہیں دشت کتنے ابھی راہِ منزل میں ہیں تیر کتنے ابھی […]