Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺPrayer of Light

O Allah! Place light in my heart Light in my tongue Light in my hearing And light in my sight And light above me And light below me Light to my right And light to my left Light before me And light behind me Light in my soul And magnify for me light And make […]

Muhammad The Praised One ﷺ”

Muhammad ﷺ is the most noble of the Arabs and non-Arab, Muhammad ﷺ is the best of those who walk. Muhammadﷺ is a spreader of good and its gatherer, Muhammadﷺ is a possessor of beneficence and generosity. Muhammadﷺ is an up holder and protector of covenants, Muhammadﷺ is of pleasant character and disposition. Muhammadﷺ is […]

A Letter From Quaid

Dear nation and my enthusiastic youth, Peace and blessings be upon you! Received immense love from you as you are celebrating my day today. I got worried for you. Now  you would be wandering why I got worried for. I saw the pain and scars amidst of mirth of the blessings you have sent me. […]

حضرت فاطمتہ الزہراؓ کی رخصتی The Departure of Hazrat  Fatima Zahra (may Allah be pleased with her )

Poem by Hafeez Jalandhari                        Efforts of translation done by: Saba Niaz Siddique چلی تھی باپ کے گھر سے نبیﷺ کی لاڈلی پہنے حیا کی چادریں، عِفّت کا جامہ، صبر کے گہنے ردائے صبر بھی حاصل تھی توفیقِ سخاوت بھی کہ ہونا تھا اُسے سرتاج خاتونانِ جنت بھی اسی کی تربیت میں اُسوہ تھا یُمن […]