The sacred night of Mi’rag, The miracle of Isra❣

One of the greatest miracles of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammadﷺ(PBUH) is the miracle of Night Journey (Isra) and Ascension (Miraj), which is mentioned and narrated by the Quran, authentic hadith resources and history resources.  Lexically “isra” means walking at night, traveling at night, “miraj” means rising, going up to a high place. The events of Night Journey and Ascension took […]

Forgive us our Lord!

Forgive us our Lord! Forgive us our Lord! We forgot the way You have shown us We became devils, while You have created us with love We became deaf and dumb, while You have blessed us with the power of hearing and speaking We became blind, while You have filled our eyes with Your Noor* […]

Bee love Award

Quite a new for me a different kind of award. Like a honey bee that spends its life in providing sweetness for our lives this award aimed to spread love and spark the moments of happiness. Am indebted to Kiramat who remembered me for that lovely award. Thank you so much Kiramat, Rising Star he […]


My shattered thoughts Mingled with lines Donned in colours Scattered over canvas This is what haven’t been said This is what words cannot express Yet nobody can decipher The language of lines Attired in hues Telling the stories of heart That mind cannot fathom Solving the enigma of lines Are the eyes of a beholder […]


Words unspoken Feelings not shared But yet nothing is abstruse In a deep ocean Every drop is clear Translucent in every dimension The emitting effulgence Dazzling your eyes Removing opaqueness From every corner Creating ostensible vision In a veil of coldness What is this? An enormous iceberg Of silence Unbroken Yet! Broken An enormous iceberg […]