What is happiness and what is called happiness, both are different? Everyone has his own gauge scale to measure happiness despite knowing the fact it can’t be measured. It’s asserted if we possess something precious we can feel happy, that’s not true indeed. Happiness is a feeling inside us that changes our outside. It’s like a pleasant breeze that puts us into a trance.

I learned that when I happened to meet a little boy. He was shabby and shaggy, his hair was unkempt. He was destitute and miserably strached his hand for begg. I didn’t have a single penny I had a expensive hand bag though. What I had at that time it was just a candy worth 2Rs. I shilly-shalled whether to give or not, but his bright eyes told me to do that. For my surprise having had that 2Rs candy he was over the moon. A moment ago I was hesitating, because I was embarrassed for not having money, but the way he responded was shocking. And not only that with grinning face he called his brother standing near him and ask me to give another candy to his brother. I was observing the illuminating face of that little prince. Yes, he was a real prince no matter what he wearing his heart was pure as dew drops are translucent.
I compared his happiness with ours and I came to know why we missed the purity of happiness. We’re really ungracious, ungrateful for every thing we have or we want to have. This need for having more and most can never be satiated. We don’t look at those who live their lives without utilities. We cry for luxury and they don’t even have basic necessities. Our kids demand for every new arrival in toy store, but their kids love mud toy made by themselves. In reality we are demons beyond the veil of humans we gourmandise their share to cloy. How could we feel happy when we devour others amenities?. Our greedyness’s changed ourselves into stones.

That little boy whose clothes were tattered, hair unkempt, bare foot, who didn’t have bath for days, tought me a great lesson, if you want to feel happy be blessed with happiness, then you must have a heart which is pure like an innocent child who doesn’t have grudge for any one, who doesn’t demand more than his need, who doesn’t feel jealous when his friend has something good and who knows the golden rule of the life,”be thankful to God for every thing you have.”

May Allah give us the sense that Leads us towards pure happiness. Ameen.

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