I often confused with this big Why. When we have something to enjoy, to rejoice with we deliberately waste it in whining and moaning. Because what so ever we have it’s not up to the mark. We need things that please us. Things that speak themselves. We pay no attention to what we possess now. Looking for exceptional treasures and unaware of precious gems in our hands. Take a sigh of discontent when observing the same humans as us enjoying a blessed life. Always peeping in the house of other just for another expostulation.

Why We Are So Ungracious?.

Why we are eager to do that we are not allowed to. Why we always walk on the way that is prohibited. Why we intentionally stuck in the blind alley.

What to do and what not do, where to go where not to go, this is what we’ve been tought so far. Than why this negligence for. Are we really innocent or trying to be over smart. If latter one is right, then for whom we’re being so Over Smart. Are we in the false hubris that we can play with God. Who’s showed us the path, and has been showing so on and so forth. It’s nothing, but a pie in the sky. The one who’s been deceiving is nobody else, it’s our self. We’re deceiving ourselves OURSELVES. We’re tantalising ourselves OURSELVES. We can’t make anybody fool, only ourselves.

We know all ups and downs, we have rationale of everything, but love playing dumb. Is it because we want to see our self vulnerable, seek sympathies, want to get ourselves noticed?.

We’re the great humans, God blessed us with everything. He guides us on every step we take to continue our journey. He doesn’t let us go at the wrong side. He loves us more than seventy mothers, how would He leave us for moaning. He wouldn’t. This is we the HUMANS who perverted His teaching, shun from His voice of true guidance, ignore His blessings.

Why We Are So Ungrateful?

Why This Why For?

18 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Looking for exceptional treasures and unaware of precious gems in our hands….

    This is so true. We miss many blessings in our lives (gifts from God) while looking for what we want the way we want it. We want to be first, best, richest, famous. Some of the best gifts are simple weeds that have periwinkle flowers.

  2. Thank you so much, Kate for your time.
    We need to be receptive and grateful of divine treasure.
    Who can be worse than a one who has eyes but can’t see the way of light and continue in darkness Deliberately…

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