What is story???

What is a story, is neither simple nor difficult. It’s all about our perception.

We observe things with our own perspective, analyse them as per our ken, and share them as we like.

This sharing echoing back with a slightly different manner.

When the colours of fantasy covered it up from every corner, it named Dastan داستان which in English known as a fairy tale.

When it brings the power of moral we remember it as hakayat حکایت which is the renowned genre of anecdote in English.

When it holds the ups and downs of life we tag it as novel ناول.

When it sparks the scintillation of the corner of life, we mark it with the title of afsana افسانہ, which is the most favourite of English, named short story.

What you called it, it adopts all names. Not only that the story is rich in culture.

You can’t claim it as yours. It travels through seas, knows the vast desert, it scrolls in the dense forest, dives into the depth of the ocean.

With every visit, it adds something new to itself to show us as if it belongs to just us.

It has no origin and no end as well. It continues with the consecutive running of opinions. It has lots of colours and vivid acumen. It knows the tactics of every region. You can’t hold it but immerse into it.


The story is a vagabond. It has the beauty of varied cultures, but the reflection is the same.

What do you think!!!

14 thoughts on “What is story???

  1. Stories are the language of the soul, as diverse, yet collective as the people in which this precious, yet invisible source inhabits. There are ups, downs, twists, shear moments of ambivalent fear and triumph, but without fail, stories move the soul towards its natural state of wonder. Great article!

    1. Thank you so much Sir for your deep description.
      They have so many colours and every colour has its own inhabitants.
      I wrote this after reading so many different stories of different regions, all of them I had read with the colour of my language before..
      Why these stories can’t change???

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