Sun Shine Blogger Award 3

Mashaallah, the sun is shining with all grace and power. May this shine find its way to my studies. Ameen!

It’s really an honour because I received another shiny award. This time I was nominated by Sir Ashok, over at, Thank you so much Sir Ashok for remembering me to give this honour.

It has been the second week we met, but it seems as if we known each other since long. It’s a reciprocal understanding that connects us with each other.

He is like my teacher, my uncle, my friend and much more. I love having words with him. The way he writes touches my heart. His writings have a flavour of Sufism. Every time I learn something more precious.

If you want to have the ocean in one drop visit his blog which has the depth with the pearls of great thought.


1: Flatter with shine at your blog.

2: Be thankful to the blogger who nominated you.

3: Share the way of the blog from where you received the honour of shine.

4: Drop this sunshine at other sites.

5: share your queries with them.

6: list the rules.

7: accept the questionnaire you have been given.

Questions Sir Ashok asked;

1: If there is one thing you could change in your past, what would it be?

It’s really difficult to answer. I would change one of my worst experiences in my primary school (it happened just because of my stupidity).

2: What are the current drivers/goals in your life?

Study hard to pamper my way for fine arts.

Be a good Muslim.

Do something good for the sake of humankind. And a lot more…..

3: What is a must thing you look for in your friends?

My friend’s circle ends as it starts. But I like people with interests alike.

4: Do you like movies? Which is your favourite?

I love watching movies in news headlines😂. I like the telefilms. The last one I watched was laal, aired on Geo Tv. Pakistani movies are good enough to entertain you, watch them if you have time, you would enjoy a lot.

5: Which is your favourite colour?

My all-time favourite colour is red. I love red dresses, red stuff, red fruits,(I would be jubilant if everything turned red, just kidding 😀😀).

6: If you were given a boon; what would you ask?

I would ask for help in studies.

7: Do you meditate and why?

I don’t meditate, but the way we perform Namaz (Prayer) is more peaceful. When you stand at the Prayer Mat it drives the feeling of sanctity within us.

8: Is looking good important to you?

Yes. Not just for my sake, but as per the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah which is, be in good shape no matter you are poor or rich.

9: Which is your favourite song?

My favourite song is a little different from others. I share the link to my favourite genre,

Hope you like it too.

10: Which is your favourite country other than your own?

Other than my country, Saudi Arabia and all green places. I love nature.

11: How much time do you spend on blogging?

I want to spend less and less.

Now it’s time for you to answer;

1: Have you had anything date back to your salad days?

2: what is your favourite possession?

3: Do you like to watch a cartoon with kids?

4: Dedicate a short paragraph in the honour of your country.

5: what do you easily give away;

I: your books

II: your toys (don’t be bewildered I still have my toys and they’re in good condition)

III: money

6: what do you feel when you visit your fellow bloggers but they forget that your blog also exists?

7: Is blogging really matters?

8: Five lessons you’ve learned so far from your life?

9: Have you remembered your time with your teacher(s), would you like to share?

10: who is more corrupt, leaders or common people, or both?

11: what is a sacrifice?

My nominees;



Laleh chini

Atul Depak

Liberty & Equality: Competing or complimentary concerns of Justice?

Betul Erbasi


Daneel Yunus

Ashok wahi

Johnny Walker


Note: if you find any mistake please fix it yourself. 😀😀

43 thoughts on “Sun Shine Blogger Award 3

  1. Great answers! I’ll have to do your questions justice, so give me a couple of days. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination.

  2. This is such a sweet blog and thank you so much for your kind words. As you said Saba – just two weeks and it looks we have known each other for ever. I love you very much : daughter, niece, friend ….
    Yes namaz is meditation and can bring peace – when with a focus mind we think of God; it is meditation. Whfndfer I hear Azaan I go into a meditative mood.
    You are an amazing young girl and I wish a happy and joyous life ahead for you.
    I love Red colour too – Energy😊
    All the best for your studies. Do your best and let go.
    Love and blessings 🤗

      1. Red and its variants are energy, Blue is peace and white purity. I like all these.
        And yes energy is life 😊 ❤️

  3. What a treat, really love these posts, getting to know more of you. And very happy for you Saba, another well deserved award. Many congratulations.

  4. Congratulations!! Mubarak!! Well deserved and well responded Mashallah! And thank you so much for nominating me as well. Highly grateful for this lovely gesture. Now answering your extremely interesting and some difficult questions-
    1. No. I don’t remember any as of now.
    2. I keep a lot of things with high regards but not sure if anyone of them is my favourite.
    3. Yess!! with great delight. favourite ones used to be Ninja hattori, Oggy & the cockroaches. Tom & Jerry as well
    4. My nation is where Prophet Adam (s) set foot on Earth, where Chishtis delivered the message of truth and unity. It is the land which was adopted by Greeks, Arabs, Turks and Mughals. It is the land which has been watered by Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra amongst many others. That is my native land- Al-Hind. Long Live Al-Hind, Zindabad Pak-al-Hind. !!!
    5. All (with terms & conditions applied). If in the form of Sadaqa, then with no T&C.
    6. Though never encountered such a situation. It may sound awkward at times but I feel nothing.
    7. Yes. for sharing knowledge, increasing your own knowledge. Also a good coping mechanism.
    8. Don’t put so much trust in anyone except in Allah; Allah is the greatest; Al-Quran is the best guidance; Al-Islam is the best way of life; ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ is the best greeting.
    9. Both can be equally corrupt. Degree of corruption can also depend on circumstances.
    10. Giving up something which has value & importance in your eyes. Depending upon the circumstances, its level can vary. Prophet Abraham (s) was ready to sacrifice his own son for the sake of the Almighty.
    It was fun answering them. Best wishes!!! 🌹🌹🌹😊

    1. Thank you so much Atul for managing your time.
      The way you respond nobody could do this. It seems that some questions are specially designed for you which are asked by me.
      Every time I feel honour and respected while reading your thoughts.
      #8 couldn’t be described in any better. What I’m feeling now, I didn’t put them down.
      May Allah bless you more and more. Ameen.

      1. Alhamdulillah!!! You speak so kindly of me and I am humbled and grateful for your extremely sweet remarks. Alhamdulillah I feel the same honour and respect for you while reading your deeply honest and thoughtful comments. Mashallah!!! Wa Iyyakum. Ameen! For a more detailed response, check your E-mail. Best wishes and regards!!! 🌹🌹🌹😊👍🏽

  5. Thank you ror nominating me Saba, unfortunately I have too busy of a schedule at the moment to participate in this chainblog. But thanks again, really appreciated! 🍀

    1. Thank you, Sahil🙂
      ہم معذرت خواہ ہیں کہ نہیں سمجھ سکے آپ کیا کہنا چاہتے ہیں۔
      اگر آپ نے کانٹیک پیچ وزٹ کیا ہے، تو اس کے ذریعے آپ کا ای میل ایڈریس پبلک نہیں ہوتا، بلکہ کسی بھی ذریعے سے رابطے پر پبلک نہیں ہوتا۔
      ہمیں خوشی ہوگی اگر آپ ہمیں بہتر طریقے سے سمجھا دیں۔ شکریہ

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