When God Feeds Me

Once upon a time, a saint refuses to eat anything and demands that he would only eat when God feeds me himself. In this apprehensive situation, villagers gather and make him understand to not to demand like that, but he doesn’t pay ear to their advice and climbs over a tree. People get worried about him but he bent on retorting, I may descend only on one condition, God will feed me Himself.

Two days left in a jiffy but he doesn’t move an inch. Beside trunk lots of food is still waiting for him from the kind villagers, but he doesn’t catch a glimpse of it.

The next day when sun arises with its soft rays, scattering its shine to remove the black shades of night, when birds chirping praise for Almighty, the pleasant breeze playing with dancing grass, the leaves performing the morning prayer along with rocks and cold waves of rivulet, the saint listens to anonymous voice, somebody saying, “God has sent food for you come in the rivulet and eat”.
When he looks at the rivulet he notices a beautiful tablecloth floating over perking waves and near the strand a canoe awaiting him.

He climbs down and controls the canoe. After a while, he is enjoying the most delicious and exotic food of his life. When filling his starving stomach he listens to the anonymous voice once more, somebody saying, if you had waited a little more, God would have come and fed you himself”..

18 thoughts on “When God Feeds Me

  1. Nice story. He might be regretting, but he should feel content with whatever God blessed him with.

    1. Thank you, Muhammad Mustafa, for your time.
      You are right and it also describes our connection with our God.
      When we solely believe in him the impossibilities change into possibilities.

      1. You are welcome. Beshak. “wa lam yakul lahụ kufuwan aḥad” best wishes 🌹😊👍

      1. It is my pleasure my dear. Yes, looks like we too have some kind of soul connection ; you and I ❤️🙏

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