What I am Sick Of???

After waiting two hours he is lying on the sofa, staring roof ceiling, knuckling fingers and the horses of scattered thinking moving to and fro.

Psychologist jotting down his condition. He asks him to tell what he feels and what could be the possibility of getting sad?

“Discussion is the only way to get rid of this anxiety”, he thinks.

He unzipped his lips, a mouth brimming over with untold words feels relaxed.

As he starts grief and sorrow sprinkle background effects;

I love to wear the exorbitant clothes but I cannot feel happy,

I eat in the best hotels but I cannot finish my platter,

You can’t find a house like mine. It is the most comfortable and it costs the price of the earth but I cannot feel pleasure living in such a mansion,

My bed is the most comfortable and pillows imported from abroad but I cannot sleep,

I pay tax which is triples to your annual income,

I have a plethora of luxuries,

You hardly find anything which I don’t have,

But my only problem is that I am not satisfied, I don’t feel happy as if happiness is prohibited for me, food tastes tasteless as if I don’t have taste buds, soft bed and pillows failed in providing sound sleep. Sometimes I feel like to get rid of this life but I cannot. What do you think what I am sick of?

The psychologist takes out the paper pad and writes down the prescription. He tells him to take this prescription daily;

Be grateful for what you have – three times a day,

Meet people who live below the poverty line – twice a week,

Share food with those who’re starving for days – daily,

Visit a hospital and inquire after the health of those who’re fighting with incurable diseases – thrice a month,

Talk to Almighty and thank Him for everything you’re blessed with – every time you breathe,

Give away money for charity and use it to help others – every time you get an increase in your income,

Seek pardon of your ingratitude – every time you go to bed,

Thank Allah Almighty for everything you have – before sleep.

Note: Take this prescription daily. You are sick of ungratefulness.

19 thoughts on “What I am Sick Of???

  1. It is amazing how life can change with perspective. Being grateful for what you have makes a difference. Giving what you can to those in need changes you on the inside too. When I do I feel whole.

      1. You are quite welcome. Time is a gift I give freely. Thank you for yours and what you have shared. I enjoy reading what you post.

  2. oh, so poignantly written, thank you, my sweet friend….blessings and sweetness to you *sunlight through clouds**children singing**moonlight and stars*

  3. An excellent post mashallah! Thanks for sharing such indispensable Islamic advice. Undoubtedly one is unsatisfied when one is ungrateful to Allah for things he/she already has. And this gratefulness can be gained by observing those who are more deprived then us. 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Muhammad Mustafa for your time and appreciation.
      Islam teaches us the way of tranquillity and peace.
      وَعَلَيْكُم السَّلَام وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎جزاكم الله خيرا و احسن الجزء

  4. Beautifully written Saba. How can one not be grateful for all His grace and all the gifts ??
    One of the strongest pillars of an abundant life: Gratitude 🙏

  5. Love this it reminds me never to complaint that I I don’t have enough, there are more people out their who struggle even to live. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story

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