What is slavery and what is called slavery both are different? Literary it is the absence of freedom. Yet freedom also has two aspects of understanding. Come to the main point, metaphorically slavery is a condition of your mind you create yourself in pity of yourself.

Having ample facilities for enjoying your life doesn’t make you feel free.

When obsessed with desires we put ourselves into the oblivion of captivity. Start whining for not having what others have in abundance.

How we trapped in the oblivion of desire?


It is really a desire or insatiable hunger of getting more?

When shunning off the divine teachings we become slaves of ourselves. We want to do what we are not allowed to. We want to taste the shame. We want to feel the rough edges of disgrace and love wearing the stigma of ignominy around the neck. When don’t get a chance to cross limits we start moaning.

Who we are?

What is our recognition in this universe?

We are just a human made up of mud.

We are the only body of flashes assigned a task of survival.

Being obnoxious we want to challenge every single way in our destination. We want to surmount the summit of incarnation but deliberately get into the incarceration.

We become miserable slaves when we wear the veil of dexterity to conquer the castle of prohibition.

We cannot stand firmly with trembling legs. We cannot see with blur vision.

Why we cannot understand, never will we change our destiny by heading towards a false destination.

Our Almighty Allah loves us that has no comparison. We are just a sculpture of mud He bestows grace upon us. He grants respect to us that no other creature could claim. He fills our soul with the dignity that no critter has. He has created this universe for us. He is continuously creating comforts for our lives.

We are not able to thank Him enough. How we breathe if He stops air. How we think if He switches off our brain function. We are full of sins but He never stops forgiveness.

Come out from the imprisonment of your dirty self. Put off the nasty cloak, you have a pious soul which is asleep get it up and head towards the love of Almighty.

Become a slave of Almighty Allah is better to the thralldom of tarnish self because He is the most worthy of all.

24 thoughts on “Slave

  1. Beautiful Saba 👍🏾👏
    Everything is His grace and if we surrender to His will all shall be well. So true.

    And yes, it is the mind that is the culprit. We should make it our slave but for most of us; he is our master. And that is our tragedy …
    God. Love. Peace.

      1. Beshak.
        Allah hum sub ko rah e rast per chalney ki tufiq atta farmaay. Ameen
        اللہ ہم سب کو راہِ راست پر چلنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے۔ آمین

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