Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰🇵🇰

14 August is Pakistan’s independence day. 72 years back Pakistan arose as an independent nation at the map of the world. This sovereignty wasn’t given in a silver plate. Millions of lives were given in surmounting the peak of identity.

Pakistan came into existence as a result of the nation’s struggle under the leadership of,

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

We struggled for a separate nation where golden rules of Islam would be practised. Living in the subcontinent, ruled by British, Muslims realized their rights had been stifled by the ruling class and its allies.

They had stood for themselves and demanded a separate identity for which they lost their lives but didn’t give up.

Today when we relish our liberty, when everyone has equal rights, regardless of their different faiths, as per the teachings of Islam, when we are heading towards prosperity,

It’s a fruit of our ancestors who had brought this liberty by paying their lives.

What does Pakistan mean: Pak stands for pious and Tan means land. So it’s a land of pious people.

Independence Day celebrations are incomplete without national songs. These songs depict our enthusiasm and part of our daily lives. Below you may check some links to national songs.

main Pakistan hoon (I am Pakistan)

dil dil Pakistan

itney bade Jeevan sager main

Hamara pircham

ae watan pyare watan

Today we not only celebrate our independence day but also observe Kashmir Solidarity day. From elder to kids we all are standing with Kashmir till our last breath and last drop of blood.

15 thoughts on “Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰🇵🇰

  1. Jashne azadi Mubarak!!
    May Allah give your nation a lot of prosperity….
    May I ask one thing that do you know Hindi??

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