Special Blogger Award

This is something beyond my anticipation. Special Blogger Award, sounds really special. This speciality was given by a 14 years old warrior.

As an award, thanks should be special. Am neither good with words nor compose poetry, but I may try to…

Lives in utopia

She wants to know

Her outside world

The ups and downs

Ifs and buts

Cry and laughter

Care and hurt

Has a benevolent heart

Brimming over with sentiments

Feels the pain

And prays for them

To add her share

From utopia

Shares her happiness

With you and me

Gets us inspired

With her affability

From her utopia!

I hope the lines above are quite acceptable. Sorry for punctuation!

Award Rules:

1: Give a special thank to the blogger who nominated you.

2: Answer the questions you have been asked.

3: Nominate another special blogger.

4: Ask them 10 questions.

Questions by Sophie:

1: What does peace mean to you?

For me, peace is only possible when justice delivered to all without discrimination. When all are equal before justice, there won’t be any chaos, just peace!

2: How many languages do you know?

One is my native, Urdu and in one am writing right now.

3: What do you think is the best thing about keeping pets?

We learn how to love unconditionally. I learned this from my cats especially from Menoo and Sweetie 😽😽😻😻

4: What is your favourite dessert?

Are frozen strawberries counted as dessert???

5: Rainforest or barren land?

For nature walk Rainforest and for speeding barren land 😉

6: What is your favourite way to celebrate a victory?

Haven’t thought. Honestly speaking, am not very expressive, I just smile passionately or put my arms around the neck of my Ammi, that’s it.

7: Any childhood treasure?

That’s a good one! Many.

Almost all of my toys, gifts from my sweet friends, my most favourite monthly Humdard Naunehal, some treasure given by Abbu; century-old coin, a box of picture slides of sub-continents industries and geography. Many more…

8: Do you like nature?

I love nature.

9: What is your favourite flower or tree?

Every flower which is colourful and if it comes to trees then all trees which have green leaves.

10: What is your favourite book?

Among hundreds of books I would love to read, again and again, Qaiser o Kasra by Naseem Hijazi قیصر و کسریٰ از نسیم حجازی. The best ever novel written in the history of literature. It has no comparison with any language or genre.

Questions for my Nominees:

1: Explain in your words how to tie a tie?

2: What is justice?

3: Which is stronger, feeble truth or strong lie?

4: What makes you feel special and why?

5: Do you like kitchen gardening?

6: Would you like to adopt the responsibility of a child/children?

7: What is extremism?

8: Have you remembered any dream that you liked most?

9: Most precious gift of your life?

10: Have ever your imagination come true?

My Nominees:

Beloved Uncle, His life is surrounded by divine love. He loves God and adores His divine creations.

Young Brother, firm and strong. Lives the life as we asked to. Young enthusiastic who loves truth.

his name is a strength, for him, hope starts when we think it ends. True believer, who never bow before tyranny, but stands against it.

Real Star, whose shine making its way in obscurity to make your view lucid.

Do visit the world of these amazing and special people. I have learned a lot from them. You will get what you have missed so far.

54 thoughts on “Special Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations Saba for this award. So Elegantly responded mashallah. I have never heard a definition of peace better than as mentioned by you. And thanks and much gratitude for nominating me as well in so beautiful words. You have asked good questions. I will answer them soon inshallah. Best wishes! 🌹🌹🌹

      1. You’re welcome! Humbled by your kind words. May Allah (swt) bless you with all that is good. Wa ʾantum fa-jazākallah🌹🌹🌹

    1. Here are my replies-
      1. No ties please. plain Kurta-Pyjama is my favourite dress.
      2. Justice is the code of conduct as defined in the book of Allah and as is evident from the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s)
      3. For me truth is stronger
      4. I don’t feel special but feel grateful to Allah almighty for bestowing me the capacity to think and reason. Everything in life and about life is the mercy and blessings of Allah (swt).
      5. Yes. coming from the family of farmers I would definitely love that.
      6. Yes. Inshallah
      7. Extremism is deviation from deen-al-Islam as has been sanctioned by Allah (swt) in his book and on his messenger (s)
      8. No
      9. Love for Allah (swt) and his deen.
      10. Imaginations not sure but duas have come come true with the blessings of Allah al jalal wal-akram.

        The way you responded is the best of bests.
        You inspired me a lot.
        May Allah bless you and make your every moment full of his love. Ameen 💞💞
        You must look graceful in kurta. I wish I could send you a kurta 🙂
        Have a blessed time 💞💞💞

      2. My pleasure. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless you too immensely. How lovely, subhanallah. You are so kind sister. There is so much grace in the name itself- the best thing you have given to me. besides that I learnt a lot of gracefulness from your graceful replies. May Allah reward you with all that is best in this world and the next. Ameen! 🌹🌹🌹

  2. Special blogger award for a very Special and the Sweetest Saba💕💕 You are neither bad with words nor with poetry my dear. Keep spreading your love and joy in the world. Let us all keep working together for peace and harmony in the world.
    Is your favourite book available in English?
    Thank you so much for the nomination. Shall respond but may take a little time😊🤗

    1. Thank you 💞💞😍😍
      I don’t know if it’s available or not but will check it and let you know.
      Thanks a million for taking it up. 💕💕
      Have a blessed time 💞💞🌺🌺💞💞

      1. Yup.
        Qaiser-o-Kisra (English: Caesar and Khosrow) is set in the backdrop of Byzantine–Sasanian War of 602–628 and the Rise of Islam in Arabian Peninsula. It follows Asim, a young Arab, who leaves his homeland to escape the barbarism there in search for peace and finds himself caught between a bloody war between two great powers of the world.
        (Little description by good reads)

      2. 👍🏾👏
        Sounds good and powerful.
        We are the prisoners of our own minds, our own thoughts my dear. It is all a mind game. Like Asim, we are looking for answers outside of ourselves.

        Wars never ever brought peace anywhere in the world at anytime in history.

        Only Love can heal.
        We need to fight our battles with the Sword of Love.
        God is Love and Love is all there is.

        And finally: I remember my daddy reciting it very often (and I have recorded it too) : Patta bhi hilta hai Teri razza se, gunahgaar hun main, malum nahin kyun 😌

        You keep spreading your love and cheer Saba. That is what the world needs 💕💕😊😊

      3. It is, indeed!
        When Asim left Arab there had been brutality only, the two main and powerful groups were nemesis of each other. Islam was sprouting and situation was getting better every day. Asim had got so many gestures to go back but he procrastinated and stuck in war that brought disaster to humanity. Once he fought for Qaiser and later for Kasra. During all these wars the rays of Islam were reaching outside the Arab. When he got back to Arab, the nemesis had become one soul that shared one heart. All that became possible without war. Before Islam they were fighting for their personal interests and after seeing the glory of Islam they left swords and embraced each other.
        Asim regretted himself for not being there when they were collecting the blessings of Last Prophet( peace be upon him).
        Will send you the whole book in audio when both of us have time(and if you want to 🥰).

  3. A very big thank you to you for such a great poem for me!! Thank you so much! It’s one of the most amazing poem I have ever read… and to believe it’s for me! Thanks a lot!
    I loved your answers a lot too! Wonderful definition of peace! And super cute your pets are! ❤ 🙂

  4. This is so special dear❤️❤️ congratulations to you dear 💕💕
    Love you poetry Saba 😍
    Menoo and sweetie are too cute

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