Something Very Special

It’s a second time when I’ve been given a special award. This time bySalman Wani. I don’t have words to thank him enough. He is facing the most crucial chapter of his life. My prayers and blessings are with him and his valley Kashmir.

From the valley of martyrs

From the land of believers

His name is a strength

In the reek of ammo

He breathes in a wind of hope

His hands are empty

He can defy any devil though

Fighting for his motherland

He’s refused to bow

Before unjust vow

In quatervois of life

Standing firmly

Challenging the worst

And fighting with brutality

He has an unshakable belief

In Almighty Allah

Who knows everything

Who is AL- ADL, the just

Salman’s thoughtful questions:

1: What is the importance of education in our society?

To prepare youth to run after a piece of paper that has a coloured stamp. They have to run faster to get the proclamation of mundane success. In this run and grab they shun off the golden lessons written in their way around, lessons which make them able to live life as a living being.

2: What is your source of strength?

Strength is the name of the belief that we have in our CREATOR. The more you believe the more your strength gets stronger.

3: What do you expect from the world?

What can we expect from a mirage, just nothing…

4: What family means to you?

My wings, without them I can’t fly and completely unable to discover the world before me.

5: Define the relation of friendship.

A tie that ties your hardship with its soft raiment.

6: What is the thing you keep searching for yourself?


7: What is the thing that makes you happy in tough times?

Presence of a belief that this too shall pass.

8: What is the definition of respect for you?

9: What is your ambition in life?

To be able to serve the servants of Almighty Allah.

10: Describe yourself in one line.

I myself a wanderer and myself a destination.

Thank you so much, Salman, for putting such thoughtful questions. Answering them I felt myself anew that itself is special too.

God bless you!

59 thoughts on “Something Very Special

  1. I can’t explain what this means to me. It is beyond, like a beautiful dream that you can see deep in yourself and when returning back you just feel that delight in yourself.

      1. They become the Dream Reality 💕😇 Dreams within dreams and wheels within wheels. He only knows what He is doing 😇🙏

      2. Yes my dear He is the only Doer 🙏🙏 and the only thing He doesn’t have is our love.
        Let us have dreams only of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony💕💕 and universal brotherhood.
        We can help only by changing our consciousness. It helps the whole world.
        Love heals. Love redeems.

        Patta bhi hilta hai teri razza se, gunhagaar hun main, malum nahin kyoon 🤔

    1. Thank you so much, Sir Steve for being here and appreciation. 🙃🙃
      Have a joyous day/night/ afternoon with your naughty pal 😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😻😻😻

      1. My pleasure Saba. How is Sweetie and the kittens? Hope you have a great evening, morning here.😃😺😸😻😻😽😽

      2. She is busy with three new kittens and elder Cooccoo. One of her elder Coocoo died couple of days ago 😣
        Have a great day 😻😻😽😽😻😻

      3. That’s too bad, sorry to hear that. But nice she has 3 new kittens now! My day is great so far, thanks Saba!!😀😸😻😻😽

  2. This post (I mean the answers) my dear dear Saba is so different from your usual posts. These are so much like the musings of a Wanderer 😊
    Yes my dear : This too shall pass. Nothing lasts. Nothing whatsoever.
    You are the sweetest and most loving and I hope I am able to add strength, endurance and flexibility to your wings 💕💃🏻💕💃🏻

      1. May God fulfil all your worthwhile dreams and desires my dear; and may He make your wings strong and your uncles prayers more fervent. My Wanderer princess 👸 🤗
        You know curiosity and enthusiasm are the only things required to lead a fulfilling life.
        Love and blessings

  3. Congratulations! Well replied mashallah! And prayers for well-being in Kashmir and the subcontinent! Best wishes and regards!

  4. It’s been quite a while since I last heard from you Saba. Hope you are well and doing well. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. مجھے زیادہ نہیں معلوم لیکن آپ help and support پر اپنا سوال لکھیں۔ word press team آپ سے رابطہ کر کے آپ کو سمجھا دے گی۔
      اگر کچھ اور پوچھنا چاہیں یا ہم آپ کی help کر سکیں تو آپ email کر سکتے ہیں۔

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