Liebster Award 6

Am so honoured to be nominated for liebster award 6th time.

Salman nominated me for this honour. And am so grateful to him for remembering me.

Few lines in order to thank him:

A believer

Who lives in a valley

That shakes world’s coldness

With its humans’ cries

Whether the world awakes or not

His fellows buried

Under the soil

Of his mother land

But his arms

Are strong enough

Whether the world

Gives him a shoulder or not

His fellows lost their eyes

Owing to brutal shower

Of pallet guns

But his eyes are bright enough

With the light of belief

Whether the world sees or not

He heels the wounds

Of his fellows

With the balm of his words

Come directly from his heart

And it’s enough

Whether the world pay attention or not

He is a believer

He believes only

In Almighty God

Whose justice is enough

Whether the world gives or not!

Salman’s Questions:

1: What real happiness means to you ?

The happiness comes with little things and covered with purity of heart can be considered as real happiness.

2: Comment on “life a journey”..

Journey is a name of exploring new dimensions and searching new ways.

Life is a journey in which we explore ourselves and look for the ways that lead us towards the glory of final destination.

3: How much respect is important for the foundation of relationships?

Respect is the base of relationships.

4: What parents mean in your life?

They are my roots that give me strength and make me able to brave the violent wind.

They are the only reason of my existence here.

May Allah give them long life with good health, prosperity and full of happiness and bliss. Ameen!

5: How do you balance criticism and appreciation?

By not crossing the line.

6: Which is your favourite book?

Selecting a book among many is not a piece of cake. Instead of book only I go for the mind.

Nowadays am a bit into poetry. One of my most favourite poets is Faiz whose poetry I love to share.

7: What are your ultimate aims of life ?

To be able to do something for others just for the sake of Almighty Allah.

8: Write one thought of yours?

(For this I would rather share my blog link😉)

Always look at brighter side. Your eyes are beautiful don’t make them feel knackered by always focusing at dull aspects.

9: What message you want to give to people out there?

Stay positive and spread its shiny rays as much as possible.

10: How you see the death?

It’s a way to eternity.

11: What is responsibility?

To be loyal to yourself and with others.

That’s all.

Thank you so much Salman for your acknowledgment. God bless you!

29 thoughts on “Liebster Award 6

  1. First of all, I am very thankful for the special words. Your answers are very good and speaks a volume of wisdom about you. Keep writing and keep supporting and keep smiling.
    Thank you😊😊😊🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺❤❤❤❤🌺🌺🌺🌺😊😊😊😊

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