Awesome blogger award 1,2💖

Am back with yet another award post. This time am truly grateful to Aarzu , and Shahnoor who nominated me for awesome blogger award.

I love the confidence of Aarzu . The way she writes and gives colour to her imagination must leave you inspired.

Shahnoor the amazing girl who is full of enthusiasm is really close to my heart 😍. A teenager who loves to play with wisdom and seek the answers of untold stories.

Do visit their sites you would love their work.


1: Describe love in three words?

Three words are not enough but let me try, love is acceptance, devotion and respect.

2: What is your favourite quote?

It is the verse of Holy Qur’an that reminds us that honour or respect is not our talent it is the blessing of Almighty Allah. HE bestows it to whoever HE wants. So who we are to raise our heads in pride.

3: What’s the best way to relax after a stressful day?

Just remember Allah and close my eyes to find peace and solace.

4: Do you consider hardships and trials from Almighty as a punishment or a blessing? And why?

Here I would love to share a quote of Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him);

Hazrat Ali r.a. was once asked by his disciple: how would we know if a trouble we face is a ‘test’ from God or is a ‘punishment’ from God? Hazrat Ali r.a. replied: A trouble that takes you towards God is a ‘test’ and a trouble that takes you away from God is a ‘punishment’

And whatever hardship comes in our way is to makes us strong.

5: Favorite color? Also tell the characteristics?

My most favourite colour is red. It represents both life and death. It is passion, it is enthusiasm. (And why I love it so much read this ❤

6: Describe life in three words?

It’s not easy but I can try; life is playfulness, serenity and experience.

7: Few words for art?

It’s a language of hues which silently tells your cries. It is infinite story of imagination which takes you in skies or gives you a dive into a deep ocean. It is what you name it…

Thank you so much Aarzu and Shahnoor not just for nominating me but for asking such good questions, because a good question is half learning ❤🤗❤

79 thoughts on “Awesome blogger award 1,2💖

  1. Lockdown seems to be the award time for Sweetie’s sweetest Saba!! Congratulations!!
    I would have described love in 1 word: God!!

  2. “A trouble that takes you towards God is a ‘test’ and a trouble that takes you away from God is a ‘punishment’”

    😍 I needed to know this. Thank you ❤️🤗

    Congratulations, Saba🎊💕

      1. Thank you so so much for the Lovely words….Its a pleasure…To be very honest,your blog has amazing content wrapped in beauty of words…Keep writing…Keep rocking

  3. Congratulations times 2 on another well deserved award for you Saba!!😃😁🥳🥳🏆🏆
    Meow, meow=I say so too!😺😸😸😻😻😽😽

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