Dear Sunshine

Dear Sunshine, sweet and caring sunshine. How soft and pleasant you are.

Cold winds are piercing the soft petals; how beautifully you’re weaving the spell of warmth.

Your glint in bedewed flowers and in a calm waves of the Indus River , how soothing your sight is for the shivering beings.

Dancing at the snowy peaks you look like a fairy donned in diamonds.

When you whisper to the swift little brook it becomes the goblet of warmth.

My eyes always filled with delight when you compose the beaming poetry on window panes.

You find your way to the broken huts and shine at the roofs of big mansions. You share your warmth with all beings.

Embrace all the beings in your arms, how selfless you are dear sunshine.

From fishes in the water to birds in the sky, yonder little worms and quadruples in the meadows, all get your treasure more or less.

Keep serving different colours dear Sunshine☀️

89 thoughts on “Dear Sunshine

  1. Hi dear Saba!
    Hope you are fine.
    Very well written as always. Perfectly describing how the sun shines upon the each and every place.

    Keep writing. It motivates others too.💞👍

  2. So beautiful my dear princess. Keep shining your light 💖🤗

    As sun shines lovingly on all and shares its warmth, let us keep sharing our love and our joy with all. Everything in creation comes from Mother Earth and Sun’s energy 🙏🙏

      1. AMEEN ❤️ Beloved sister with a radiant heart so kind and filled with love. Yes I loved it. Please post more and more. Share your inner light with us. Will be waiting for more posts like these. I love your blog. 😚❤️🤗✨

    1. Thank you 🤗
      Indus river flows on the outskirts of my city. My university is situated near highway, so I used to watch the play of sunshine on the calm waves 😊
      I used to love the beautiful scenery around the bank of river; the small huts and kids playing near water, beautiful birds waiting for fish and at little distance fishers with their small boats and nets…
      Mashaallah! Beauty which can’t be described into words 💖

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