Dear Sunshine

Dear Sunshine, sweet and caring sunshine. How soft and pleasant you are. Cold winds are piercing the soft petals; how beautifully you’re weaving the spell of warmth. Your glint in bedewed flowers and in a calm waves of the Indus River , how soothing your sight is for the shivering beings. Dancing at the snowy […]

Sweet Sadness

Soft and sweet like rose petals is a smile on lips. And twinkling stars in deep eyes are not just the rivulet of salty pearls. It’s an ocean of grace donned in waves of delicacy. Both lips and eyes cannot meet. There is something beyond their reach which makes them connected beyond the reach. When […]


You are what am longing for I behold you But you don’t look at me My eyes are looking for meeting you But you hide after showing a glimpse of yours We used to be good companions But you left me in limbo I need you today But you love teasing me I listen to […]


Is there anything impossible I looked for impossible But couldn’t find it anywhere Everything is possible What is called impossible Is just an other name of ignorance In this tiny world of matter Only Possibilities exist Not impossiblities How can impossiblities become possible When they don’t have any existence Every thought revolves around the orbit […]


Let some truths be concealed Knowing them leave you shattered Don’t inflame yourself to find them out… Don’t you know what happens next… Would you be able to join the broken pieces again… Could you stop the flow of salty river crossing the strands of deep eyes… could birds find your sweet melody to dance […]

The prostration of love

In a placid river of silence Was throwing the pebbles of contemplation The tacit splashes adding mystery in surroundings Peeping through the foliage Moonlight was laughing at me Slowly, the moon shower met its end And najm-us-sah’r* appeared with full of grace Twinkling so bright It was happy It was contented Didn’t it know its […]

Little Joys

Am honoured to be asked to share the little joy of my life by my most Beloved Uncle who has brought such big joys in my ordinary days. Never can I thank him enough for all the love and respect he showers on me. The most humble and graceful with a heart as deep as […]

A Sweet Little Mother 💕

Deep ocean of love she is She can’t say no, but only yes Sacrifices her comforts She happily swathes in devotion Forgotten the joy of cuddling in lap And sleeping cradled in the arms Her motherhood is only pleasure of hers now Her tummy is bed for the young ones And her shoulders are the […]

Journey to God 💕

Wondering in a desert of colours  was looking for the destination of mine  Walking woods and diving into the oceans  I was seeking the love divine  Basking under a scorching sun  Thinking about the steps I didn’t take  Was my love not enough to meet my beloved? What dawned upon me, couldn’t tell you enough  […]