My lost imagination…

Months had passed and my canvas remained blank, Paints died in the tubes, brushes  lost their smoothness, Buried shades on dormant palette stopped asking for water; And my blank canvas asked me; where I lost my imagination.. I’d looked everywhere, but couldn’t trace the fragrance of yours my dear imagination.. Might have left with the […]

Whispers Of A Desert

Can you listen to the whispers of a desert; dry, barren, derelict___the desert of yourself___forsaken, neglected! It’s sobbing, but these unseen tears are not enough to moisten its soil. Where is your bucket of water? The desert of yourself is crying for water, where is your bucket? Little swallows have come to quench its thirst. […]

Al Aqsa Is Bleeding…

Scared land of pious Mary is bleeding Sacred land of glorious Prophets is tainted with the blood of innocents Sacred land where Jesus was born Is echoing with the cries of little children Their angelic faces are covered with their blood Sacred land where Muhammad led the prayer of great prophets Is calling people to […]

A Letter From Quaid

Dear nation and my enthusiastic youth, Peace and blessings be upon you! Received immense love from you as you are celebrating my day today. I got worried for you. Now  you would be wandering why I got worried for. I saw the pain and scars amidst of mirth of the blessings you have sent me. […]