A Feeble child💕

Every daughter has a heart of a mother and every mother fosters a feeble child within her. This feeble child comes out when the strength of a mountain shatters within herself. A mother is stronger than a mountain but why do you forget, she is a quiddity of soft clay. Clay which can soak hot […]

Islam and Silence

One of the values on which the Quran emphasis is silence. But it is not silence just for the sake of silence. Quranic silence is for contemplation, to understand more and more, to enhance your learning. It is a culture of silence in the complete sense of the word. There are a relevant verse in […]


In response to Aa’eedah’s question, what does faith mean to you? Faith is neither simple nor difficult to understand, yet, something that needs attention. The first thing that comes in mind is faith in Almighty. We can’t see Almighty in His exact form but this is our faith that able us to believe in what […]

Golden Sparrow

Once upon a time there was a beautiful golden sparrow. Her sweet voice was not less than an elixir. It was a balm for the seething souls. Those who had listened to it once longed for more and more. Her chirpy songs would put listeners into the stance of trance. It would fill the feeling […]

The sacred night of Mi’rag, The miracle of Isra❣

One of the greatest miracles of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammadﷺ(PBUH) is the miracle of Night Journey (Isra) and Ascension (Miraj), which is mentioned and narrated by the Quran, authentic hadith resources and history resources.  Lexically “isra” means walking at night, traveling at night, “miraj” means rising, going up to a high place. The events of Night Journey and Ascension took […]