Golden Sparrow

Once upon a time there was a beautiful golden sparrow. Her sweet voice was not less than an elixir. It was a balm for the seething souls. Those who had listened to it once longed for more and more. Her chirpy songs would put listeners into the stance of trance. It would fill the feeling […]

When God Feeds Me

Once upon a time, a saint refuses to eat anything and demands that he would only eat when God feeds me himself. In this apprehensive situation, villagers gather and make him understand to not to demand like that, but he doesn’t pay ear to their advice and climbs over a tree. People get worried about […]

The Hell Fire

It’s a famous folk tale of Sindh*. This and lot more other stories belong to Wata’io Faqir وتائو فقیر (saint wata’io). These are famous anecdotes teaching us the moral of life. Here I’m going to share one of these; Story begins Wata’io faqir has had a bellyful of the continuous question of his assistant, where […]


Taken from: Hamdard Naunehal Translated into English by Saba Niaz Siddique Story begins, A king ordered his minister to visit the mental hospital and inquire after the health of patients. Minister went to the hospital, in the corner of the ward he noticed a man quite reasonable to talk about. He went there and asked […]