Justice has Died… #Kashmir

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Paroxymal are the moments I live Since my homeland is gruesomely caged I weet alone in this foreign land With no one around to hold my hand I see people spurning the humanity Walls of captilism has blinded their councious They do know and they do ignore They just want…

Special Blogger Award

This is something beyond my anticipation. Special Blogger Award, sounds really special. This speciality was given by a 14 years old warrior. As an award, thanks should be special. Am neither good with words nor compose poetry, but I may try to… Lives in utopia She wants to know Her outside world The ups and […]


What is slavery and what is called slavery both are different? Literary it is the absence of freedom. Yet freedom also has two aspects of understanding. Come to the main point, metaphorically slavery is a condition of your mind you create yourself in pity of yourself. Having ample facilities for enjoying your life doesn’t make […]

How beautiful is Pakistan?

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Pakistan, from its north to south is full of places and tourist spots that will make you drool over them. Many of these places have magic about them. You will be spellbound by the aura and charm they possess. Their scenic beauty is breathtaking. The picturesque landscapes, green pastures and…